Acoustic Panels for your Space

Are you considering adding acoustic panels to your space, but don’t quite know if they are the right solution? Maybe you aren’t quite sure if they will fit into the design aesthetic of your space? No matter the cause for the questions you have, here’s a bit more information about acoustical panels to help you determine if they could be right for your space.

Acoustic Panel Basics

Acoustic panels, constructed from fiberglass and often wrapped in fabric, are ideal for commercial spaces, but can also be utilized for home uses. They allow for a crisp, clear sound for each of the spaces where they’re used. They can be hung from either the ceiling or on walls, and can even be incorporated into drop ceiling designs.

Pre-fabricated panels come in various standard sizes and are also available in a variety of thicknesses, with thicker panels being designed for the best possible sound absorption. Custom panels can also be designed to work with any space requirements and are most often fabricated directly on the job site with a vast amount of fabric options.

The Many Uses for Acoustic Panels

Many popular commercial uses for acoustic panels include installation within classrooms, auditoriums, conference rooms and call centers. The panels help to reduce the reverberations within each of these spaces, making it easier to carry private conversations or to reduce the amount of feedback during large-scale presentations.

Businesses may also suspend fabric panels from ceilings that span more than a story in height to add dimension and design to the space. This will also help to reduce the distance sound travels before bouncing back, making it quieter for the people utilizing the space.

Additionally, sound panels are frequently used within residential spaces dedicated to home-theater experiences.

Added Design Benefits

Acoustic panels are dual purpose pieces; not only are they effective for absorbing sound and controlling noise, they can be used to complement and even enhance the design of a space.

The panels can be wrapped in any fabric type from micro-suede to printed cotton. They can include popular design elements like geometric shapes or tufting. They can also be custom created in any color combination, as well, so they truly enhance the overall look and feel of the space where they’re being utilized.

We’ve Seen It All

At Sonus Interiors, we’ve helped to create ideal acoustical spaces from studios to classrooms, auditoriums and more. No acoustical job is too big or too small!

Our experienced team will work with you to determine the best positioning and design for the panels that will be used within your unique space, then have them install them to match the precise design details.

From design to installation, we do it all. Contact our team today to see how we can help make your space pitch perfect.