Monthly Archives: May 2016

Signs that your Ceiling Needs to Be Replaced

Commercial ceilings are designed to be both low maintenance and long lasting, but like all good things, there may come a time when the life of your ceiling comes to an end. When that time arrives, there will be a …
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How Unique Office Designs Boost Creativity

While some research tends to place the idea as misguided, office design and layout inspire and even bolster creativity within the workplace. Big-brand companies like Google, Hubspot, Pixar, Inventionland, and even Facebook follow this philosophy. These companies often have higher …
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How to Pair Multiple Carpet Patterns in the Same Room

One of the most popular floor coverings businesses use is carpeting. This is because commercial carpet is durable, helps dampen sound and can be easily changed or replaced. So, how do businesses choosing to use carpeting in their office space …
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