Breathe New Life into your Hallways

Is your space starting to feel tired or outdated but, you don’t have the budget for a complete overhaul? Or, are you ready to try something fun, fresh, new and inviting? Updating the hallways of your office space may just be the solution you’re looking for.

A Building’s Silver Medal

We’ve mentioned before that a lobby is the most important space within a commercial building. That’s because the lobby gives visitors their first impression of a company, and how they first view the company will have a lasting impression. But, you may be surprised to learn that hallways should be a very close second when it comes to their design importance.

High Traffic Lanes

Hallways take you and your guests anywhere you want to go within a building. For this reason, they see the highest amount of foot traffic in the entire place. In turn, the commercial flooring used for this space often shows wear and tear much quicker than other areas within an office.

Updating your hallways more regularly with new decor and flooring will help keep your hallways fresh, while breathing new life into your building. Here’s a few tips from our staff for ways to implement this:

Make your Hallway its Own Space

Don’t be afraid to make your hallways different than the personal offices, common spaces and conference rooms. Choose lighter colors for the walls to help make it feel larger and taller than it really is. Then, choose a patterned or darker colored flooring material for contrast and to help hide the wear and tear that will take place within this space.

Choose a Forgiving Flooring Material

Hallways are much different than other spaces within a commercial building. They experience high volumes of traffic, plus conversation within a hallway can often be heard from nearly any door connected to that hallway. Due to these aspects, it’s important to choose the flooring material wisely.

We recommend choosing a material that’s very forgiving, durable and will dampen sound. The most popular material possessing these qualities is carpeting.

Add Visual Interest

Don’t just slap some neutral paint on the walls and carpeting on the floor. Make sure to take time to add interest to your hallways. On the floor, you can create a custom design by mixing multiple carpet patterns, and on the walls you can utilize bold accessories to help complete the space. This is, after all, the second most important space within your office building and you’ll want to make sure it’s functional but memorable.

Work with Sonus Interiors

Want to work with our team to turn your next hallway space into something you never imagined it could be? Contact us today, so we can present you with a range of ideas that will work for your brand, your business and the traffic flowing through your hallways.