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The Benefits of Installing a Suspended Ceiling

A suspended or dropped ceiling has a number of different benefits for both commercial building owners and builders. These ceilings are hung below the actual ceiling of the room and are very common in commercial and industrial buildings as well …
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Knowing the Different Materials for Commercial Ceilings

Much like how the materials used for flooring or acoustical set-ups are vast, the materials available for commercial ceilings come in a wide variety, and the options for modern ceiling design are endless. With so many options to choose from, …
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Signs that your Ceiling Needs to Be Replaced

Commercial ceilings are designed to be both low maintenance and long lasting, but like all good things, there may come a time when the life of your ceiling comes to an end. When that time arrives, there will be a …
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Modern Ceiling Design Ideas

When you walk through a new space for the first time, whether a client’s office or your dental office, chances are you notice the flooring, the walls, the general layout and decor right away. But, do you take the time …
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