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The Crayola Experience at the Mall of America

Nearly every commercial flooring and custom ceiling project we take on here at Sonus Interiors is unique in its own right, and the ability to tackle different projects for diverse clients is one of the most rewarding parts about being …
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Tips for Redesigning a Commercial Space

Are you getting ready to begin a new commercial project for a client’s office, restaurant, dining room, waiting area, or other space? If you are, you may find yourself hitting a brick wall creatively. What you could do to make …
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Daylighting: How to Naturally Brighten Commercial Spaces

Brightening a commercial space is essential for most building owners. Unless they are running a nightclub, nothing looks worse for a business than having clients enter into a dimly lit building. It’s just plain uninviting. That’s why getting the lighting …
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Breathe New Life into your Hallways

Is your space starting to feel tired or outdated but, you don’t have the budget for a complete overhaul? Or, are you ready to try something fun, fresh, new and inviting? Updating the hallways of your office space may just …
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How Unique Office Designs Boost Creativity

While some research tends to place the idea as misguided, office design and layout inspire and even bolster creativity within the workplace. Big-brand companies like Google, Hubspot, Pixar, Inventionland, and even Facebook follow this philosophy. These companies often have higher …
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Your Lobby Space is the Most Important Space in Your Office Building!

When creating a design plan for an office space many designers place a focus on executive offices, conference rooms and shared working spaces. But, their focal point for design should start with the space that everyone coming into the office …
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