Commercial Trends: Flooring as Artwork

colorful carpet

Commercial flooring is known for its durability, longevity and its simple patterns and designs. The materials are created specifically to handle heavy foot traffic, thus making the floor have the ability to be replaced less often. But it’s the simplicity of the design that also makes this type of flooring attractive to commercial clients.

While the trend of simple patterns has held strong for years, many commercial clients are looking for more out of their commercial flooring options. They don’t simply want repetitive patterns; they want something a bit more aesthetic.

When Commercial Flooring Becomes Art

The look of a commercial floor can say a lot about a company, and it can even go as far as being a reflection of the company’s brand. These types of custom floor options are on the rise, and companies are always on the lookout for options such as:

More In Depth Carpet Patterns

The designs and patterns present on carpets are generally more robust than on other types of flooring, making them more of a creative statement when it comes to aesthetic commercial flooring. Because of this, the options are always open for designers to pair multiple carpets designs together in the same room, creating an intricate, artistic statement in a commercial space.

This has become more common over the years, and it is now common practice for designers to place complementary and even conflicting patterns next to one another in order to create a new look or make an artistic statement.

New Designs for Commercial Flooring

Outside of carpet, there are options for other materials to be colored and painted in a variety of designs, some so intricate that they forgo patterned looks altogether. While some companies commission painters to place murals on their walls, others are opting for the same option on their floors.

We are now seeing greater uses of color and pattern combinations on commercial floors. To see a perfect example of how flooring can become art, take a look at the photos from one of our latest projects: The Crayola Experience at the Mall of America.

Don’t Settle for Bland Flooring Projects

There’s a lot of potential for the commercial flooring industry to branch out into more customized designs, and architects, designers and other industry professionals can really make this a focus in the coming years.

At Sonus Interiors, we are accustomed to working with designers and their clients to acquire and install new materials that make a statement. To learn more about our services and the projects we have completed, contact our team today.