Ceiling Designs and Custom Solutions for Commercial Spaces

Are you looking to add some unique interest to your business’ design aesthetic? Look no further. Custom ceiling designs are a popular option many businesses are turning to when looking to add some flair to their commercial space.

The Trend

The custom ceiling design trend is one that has grown in popularity within the last few decades. Businesses love that this custom feature allows them to incorporate additional modern design elements into their overall decor concept. Designers and architects of commercial spaces appreciate that they are able to add this additional element into their concepts, as it provides more fluidity and flexibility in the design.

Popular Custom Ceiling Materials

How are these custom ceiling designs created? They are achieved utilizing a wide variety of materials, textures and even colors. While no two spaces and designs are ever the same, some of the most commonly used materials include:

  • Fiberglass: Not only does this material add the design element that companies are looking for, but it also offers sound absorption. Fiberglass panels can be installed either parallel or perpendicular to the floor and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures.
  • Metal: Used to create an impressive visual impact, metal ceiling panels can easily be customized to fit the design needs of a space. Available in a broad range of options like curves and planes, custom metal ceilings also deliver high acoustic performance.
  • Wood: Used to add a richness and warmth, the wood ceiling option is one that many companies are choosing to define their spaces. It comes available in versatile customization options like panels, planks, curves and more, making it ideal to work with.
  • Fabric: Often used as a way to incorporate vivid colors and textures, fabric panels offer dual purpose with design and sound absorption. Whether suspended from the ceiling in panels, or adding to a custom geometric design, fabric adds visual interest to a ceiling design.

Additional Ceiling Designs and Solutions

Custom ceiling designs aren’t the only area we focus on. At Sonus Interiors, our team of project designers and installers work directly with designers, architects and contractors to make dream spaces a reality.

Our experienced team focuses heavily on flooring, ceilings, specialty acoustical setups, and even wall coverings. We offer this variety, so we can help create functional yet seamlessly designed spaces for businesses and their teams.

Get Started Today

We know you have a vision for your next commercial space and we want to be the team to help you make that vision a possibility. When you work with Sonus Interiors, you can rest assured that our team is working to make your space an exciting, cohesive design.

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