Does your Flooring Choice Reflect Your Client’s Brand?

When your clients select the flooring for their office, waiting room, dining room, or other area high traffic areas, they may not really give it much thought. They’ll likely pick a color they like, or one that matches the rest of the area, and simply move on.

But, once they’ve selected their commercial flooring, they may realize later that it doesn’t exactly reflect their company’s brand. As a professional in the industry, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking at your commercial flooring options to ensure that your selection reflects your client’s overall brand and values.

Expense and Utility

We’re not saying your clients need to pay top dollar for commercial carpet or ceramic tile, but they do have to keep in mind that the quality of the flooring is going to reflect their company and brand. Cheap flooring options may be practical and budget-friendly, but they also don’t look as nice as more quality flooring options like wood, thick carpet or tile.

When talking about the usefulness of flooring options, linoleum may be the best choice in some areas of the business since it’s so easy to clean up—the bathroom, kitchen, or work area, for example—but you may want to go with something else for areas that customers will see more often.


Will your carpet, tile, or other flooring stand up to the daily wear and tear? If it does, and doesn’t look horrible after a few years, you won’t have to worry about redoing the flooring that often. This will impart to customers that the company values durability and resilience. On the other hand, going with a flooring that isn’t as durable may mean that the flooring will wear before the budget allows for replacing it.


Finally, it’s all about the look—does your flooring compliment the rest of the area? Do the colors, texture, and material all work with the walls, the furniture, and your overall décor? If it does, customers will see a brand that understands how to create a cohesive area. If it doesn’t, they may not immediately recognize why something feels off, but they will realize something about the space, and the company, isn’t quite right.

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