The Benefits of Installing a Suspended Ceiling

A suspended or dropped ceiling has a number of different benefits for both commercial building owners and builders. These ceilings are hung below the actual ceiling of the room and are very common in commercial and industrial buildings as well as educational institutions.

The tiles that make up the ceiling aren’t actually suspended—instead, a frame made of metal tracks is hung from the actual ceiling with wires. Panels or lightweight tiles are then inserted into the spaces between the tracks, creating the suspended ceiling.

If you’re remodeling or building a new commercial building, you should definitely consider installing one of these ceilings for your client. Here are a few reasons why you might consider a custom ceiling solution like a suspended ceiling.

They’re Sturdy and Very Easy to Install

Suspended ceilings are easy to install, reducing the costs for both building owners and commercial installers. When the suspension wires are properly installed, the entire drop is also very sturdy.

They’re Customizable

For a less traditional ceiling in a commercial building, you can easily customize the look of a drop ceiling. With a suspended ceiling, all you have to do is switch out the tiles. You can change the entire look of a room quite easily.

Drop ceilings give a commercial space a modern look and feel, and the color and texture of these ceilings can match the walls and custom floors of your client’s space.

They’re Easy to Repair

Likewise, if one of the tiles gets damaged, all you have to do is swap it out for a new one. Drop ceilings are easy to sell to commercial clients because of this benefit. If a traditional ceiling is damaged, the cost for repairing it is much more.

They Can Hide Pipes, Ductwork, Etc.

This is one of the main reasons a drop ceiling is used in commercial buildings. If your client wants to convert an industrial-looking room into a more modern-looking space, for example, you can install a suspended ceiling to hide the pipes. They’ll be out of sight, but building owners can still easily access them if they need to by simply removing the panels.

Better Materials, Better Service

If you are looking to instal a suspended ceiling for one of your clients, count on Sonus Interiors to be the best partner for the job. We can help you with everything from materials gathering to installation. Contact us today before you begin your next commercial job.