Modern Ceiling Design Ideas

modern ceilingWhen you walk through a new space for the first time, whether a client’s office or your dental office, chances are you notice the flooring, the walls, the general layout and decor right away. But, do you take the time to look at the ceiling design?

It’s possible that you don’t, but more and more businesses are using their ceilings as prime real estate to add unique design features to their spaces. Here’s a few ways we have seen this modern twist incorporated:

Adding 3D Elements

Whether decorative canopies, panels made to look like waves or tile sections set at different heights, 3D elements are a popular ceiling design style. Utilizing suspension components, 3D objects made from a variety of materials (plastic, tile, wood, glass, etc.) can be installed as a way to bring dramatic interest to a space.

Using Shapes as Statements

Circles, squares, diamonds and even hexagons make subtle statements when incorporated into a ceiling design. Whether achieved through custom printed panels, by creating the shapes with molding or by using full 3D shapes, this type of application may become a strong (or subtle) focal point.

Mixing Textures

Layering different textures is another way to add modern design to a ceiling. This can be accomplished by incorporating different materials or by weaving various textural elements into one custom panel design.

Sound Dampener Designs

Acoustic ceilings are not only a way to reduce reverberations in rooms with tall ceilings, but they are also a way to add warm design elements. An example of this would be to add acoustical fabric panels to bring warmth and color into a modern space.

Utilizing Lighting Tricks

Lighting is another way to draw the eye to a design feature, especially a ceiling design. By weaving lighting elements throughout intricate panels or sections, the space will seem brighter, larger and warmer.

Take your Ceiling Design to the Next Level!

The next time you visit a new space, take a few moments to look up; you may be surprised to find one of these modern ceiling design elements. When your business is ready to create new and innovative ceilings, give our team of expert installers at Sonus Interiors a call.